From the Big Bang! to Silicon Valley

June 01, 2020

Blog Post by Mary Serafin

The UC Davis Big Bang! is an annual business competition that calls on students and the public to bring their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to the bustling college town of Davis, Calif. Participants gain access to valuable resources, seasoned entrepreneurial mentors—and the chance to win big. This year, the prize money is upwards of $90,000 and growing.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

May 28, 2020

This International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the smart, engaged, innovative students and post-docs in our Business Development and Keller Pathway Fellowship programs.

Read how their research will better our world:

Entrepreneurial Ambitions + Passion = Success

May 28, 2020

Blog Post by Amir Bolandparvaz, Ph.D. Candidate and 2018/19 Business Development Fellow

The 9th annual Ignite Conference (March 6–9, 2019) brought entrepreneurial students from multiple disciplines and universities together with business professionals and startup founders in an intensive four-day conference at UC Davis.

Translating Passion and Mission into Purpose and Accomplishments

May 28, 2020

Blog Post by Diane Dou, Ph.D. Candidate and 2018/17 Business Development Fellow

Ignite is an exciting annual program that is brought to life through a partnership between UC Davis and Rice University. The Mike and Renee Child Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship collaborated to bring me and 74 other graduate students of diverse backgrounds to the frontlines in Silicon Valley.

A Social Impact Lens for Entrepreneurship

November 18, 2019

Blog Post by Annie Wang, Materials Engineering Major | Co-Founder, Sorbit

I come from a household of six people and 24 eyes—everyone in my immediate family, including my four-year-old sister, wears glasses.

Growing up, my frames were usually purchased from the optometrist office and had price tags in the hundreds; they were easily the most expensive thing I wore. I am fortunate that my parents’ company insurance covered lenses and frames, but not everyone with impaired vision has that access to care. 

Conference Ignites a Passion for Business, One Startup at a Time

May 29, 2018

Blog Post by Denise Bronner, UC Davis Postdoctoral Research Fellow and 2017/18 Business Development Fellow

The annual Ignite Conference brings together students, CEOs and business leaders—and attendees get to see concepts learned during class in action. Over the course of four days in March, I toured four amazing companies, listened to thought-provoking talks from industry leaders and created connections that will last long past Ignite.