Look Before You Leap

Look before you leap.

This saying resonates with planners and low-risk takers and had always seemed to serve me well.

I started my UC Davis online MBA just as the pandemic hit and the world reeled. Risk was everywhere. By the end of my first academic quarter, life and planning were at a standstill, except for Zoom. I was worried about the future and even considered leaving the program. The fear of not knowing what might lie beyond the jumping off point had me doubting myself.

Little Bang! Helps Rideshare App Move Forward

UC Davis Students, Alum Win Poster Competition Award Blog by Team Hitcher

Hitcher is a community-oriented ridesharing app that helps connect city dwellers and local communities to coordinate transportation for day-to-day errands and commutes.

Sorbit Succeeds in Little Bang! Poster Competition

Note: Economics and design double-major undergraduate Julie Xu wrote this blog about team Sorbit’s entrepreneurial experiences in 2018. Sorbit won a $250 competition award and a 500 Venture Well / TEAM BioInnovation award in the November 2018 Little Bang! Poster Competition: Session 1. Xu is also a 2018/19 EQUIP scholar.


A Social Impact Lens for Entrepreneurship

I come from a household of six people and 24 eyes—everyone in my immediate family, including my four-year-old sister, wears glasses.

Growing up, my frames were usually purchased from the optometrist office and had price tags in the hundreds; they were easily the most expensive thing I wore. I am fortunate that my parents’ company insurance covered lenses and frames, but not everyone with impaired vision has that access to care.