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Growing as an Aggie Innovator

Most of the time, small things are overlooked and go unnoticed.

People assume that it is just one small item. How much harm can it really do? 

When our group came together in a biodesign class, we wanted to bring attention to small things everyone uses—such as bandages, which millions of people use and that can add up to have a negative impact on the environment. Our product, Biobandage, is a 100% plastic-free, kombucha-based bandage designed to help heal wounds faster than traditional adhesive bandages. Biobandage uses kombucha’s byproduct, bacterial cellulose.

Empowering Communities in Little Bang! Poster Competition

Empowering Communities in Little Bang! Poster Competition JusCheckIt is developing an easy-to-use search engine that helps people understand their basic legal rights, the laws and the legal process, and provides access to legal representation.

JusCheckIt’s concept and team has been in development for the last six months, with our focus being toward defining our core market and evaluating potential long-term revenue streams. Over the course of the next year, we plan to compete in the full slate of Little Bang! and Big Bang!