MBA and Ph.D. Candidates Bring Healthcare Innovation to Market

There is no better learning than through experience. 

I learned this lesson firsthand in the 2022 Big Bang! Business Competition. Even with my background as an MBA student, I felt that I had to push past my comfort zone to perform in ways I’d never done before.

It’s one thing to hear or learn about an executive summary, customer call or investor pitch presentation. It’s quite another to try to do it well on the first try.

From Student to Founder

Cameron Gallad shares key takeaways gained at the TechChrunch Early Stage conference: Being an entrepreneur requires a new perspective—it changes how you think about business.

Look Before You Leap

Look before you leap.

This saying resonates with planners and low-risk takers and had always seemed to serve me well.

I started my UC Davis online MBA just as the pandemic hit and the world reeled. Risk was everywhere. By the end of my first academic quarter, life and planning were at a standstill, except for Zoom. I was worried about the future and even considered leaving the program. The fear of not knowing what might lie beyond the jumping off point had me doubting myself.