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Empowering Communities in Little Bang! Poster Competition

Empowering Communities in Little Bang! Poster Competition

JusCheckIt is developing an easy-to-use search engine that helps people understand their basic legal rights, the laws and the legal process, and provides access to legal representation.

JusCheckIt’s concept and team has been in development for the last six months, with our focus being toward defining our core market and evaluating potential long-term revenue streams. Over the course of the next year, we plan to compete in the full slate of Little Bang! and Big Bang! competitions; continue mentorship with our current mentors; seek out additional mentorship opportunities from talented professionals and entrepreneurs; become incorporated and patent our idea; and pursue a startup accelerator program. In parallel to these business development milestones, we will continue to build on our prototype product.

By the start of Little Bang! Session 2 in February 2021, we will have interviewed additional lawyers and business owners to further define our target market, finalized our business model canvas, and prepared our Big Bang! round one entry deliverable. In regard to our interviews, specifically, we want to find a group of legal professionals with diverse legal backgrounds to heighten our understanding of their needs in terms of legal research and client acquisition.

In the first session of Little Bang! in November 2020, we were unable to meet the pitch timeline. As we move into the subsequent sessions and competitions, we will focus on refining our pitch to present our ideas more succinctly. From this first session, we received feedback on the lack of definition for our target market, qualification of attorneys and the clarity of our solution—all of a which we aim to address while we clean up the presentation of our ideas.

Although we understand the complexity of our business idea, streamlining our presentation will allow us to emphasize the social and economic innovation of the idea to increase its impact on spectators, judges and potential investors.

As we continue to participate in these competitions, we will be receiving guidance from the mentors who we are currently working with. These mentors consist of a lawyer, a consultant, an investment advisor and software designer, who provide us with insight and knowledge from their various fields. Their guidance has been the foundation in ensuring that our team continues to grow in a constructive manner.

After the competitions end in May, we’ll be incorporating in California as well as filing for our first set of patents. We are waiting until after the competitions so that we can incorporate all relevant feedback into our business plan before incorporation and execution of our patent documentation. During the summer of 2021, we’ll be pursuing entry into a startup accelerator program that has previously partnered with the Big Bang! Business Competition, while we pursue seed funding and begin to scale our business. After securing additional funding, we will be seeking out a full development team specializing in machine learning, search algorithms, UI design and cloud database operations.

JusCheckIt’s team, vision and strategy aims to achieve more than just upward traction, business establishment and investment. We strive to create an accurate, genuine and positive impact on the individuals in our community. Our team hopes to empower communities and ease the mind of each individual by giving people streamlined access to accurate legal information, showing them what their rights actually are and who they can have represent them. The legal world is complex, complicated and, quite frankly, nerve racking. Our mission is to create a stress-free and user-friendly legal space that informs, connects and protects the consumer.

JusCheckIt Team Members

Cameron Gallad: Majoring in economics and communication; minoring in technology management  
Dan Beckwith: Majoring in communication; minor in technology management
Jackson Wise: Alumnus, civil engineering
Ryan Guaglione: Alumus, marketing
Connor Stackhouse: Studying construction management
Cameron Perkins: Majoring in communication

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