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Congratulations, 2021 Big Bang! Finalists

Congratulations, 2021 Big Bang! Finalists

Forty-five teams—representing 135 aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs—entered the 21st annual UC Davis business competition.

The competition drew students and alumni from across UC Davis, as well as from colleges and universities throughout California. Together, the Big Bang! and Little Bang! Poster Competitions will award up to $100,000 in prize money at the awards show, held May 27 via Facebook Live. 

Three teams—noted with an asterisk following their team name—also participated in the Little Bang! Poster Competition, applying what they learned in this entry-level event to progress in the Big Bang!

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Mini-Pitch: Delivering comfort and efficiency to veterinary exams.
Team Lead: Madison Luker | Student, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Expert IEP

Mini-Pitch: Tech company advancing special-needs students.
Team Lead: Antoinette Banks | B.S. Student, Cognitive Science, UC Davis


Mini-Pitch: Sighted assistant application for people with visual impairments.
Team Lead: Viktoriya Medvedeva | B.S. Student, Managerial Economics, UC Davis


Mini-Pitch: App to speed up research for fantasy sports and sports betting.
Team Lead: Juan Juan | B.S., Marketing '99, San Jose State University


Mini-Pitch: Making digital inclusion for farmers and food chain players fun, accessible and simple.
Team Lead: Maria Fernanda Reyes | Student, Entrepreneurial Studies, Stanford University Graduate School of Business 


Mini-Pitch: Eliminating EV-Range-&-Charge anxiety with every booking.
Team Lead: Angel Daniel Melchor | MBA Student, UC Davis Graduate School of Management


Mini-Pitch: Novel liquid biopsy for effective early-cancer screening.
Team Lead: Sumita Jonak | MBA Student, UCLA

Nurse-to-Nurse Global Initiative

Mini-Pitch: Empowering marginalized nurses through leadership/professional
Team Lead: Schola Matovu | Ph.D., Nursing, UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing


Mini-Pitch: Connecting patients to food and nutrition education.
Team Lead: Kwamane Liddell | J.D. and M.S., Health/Healthcare Administration/Management, St. Louis University

Nymph Beauty

Mini-Pitch: Skincare and lifestyle brand dedicated to social and environmental responsibility.
Team Lead: Lauren Michelle | B.A., Textiles, UC Davis 

Mini-Pitch: Cloud Causal Inference platform that enables everyone to infer causal relations within their data.
Team Lead: Soumil Shekdar | B.S. Student, Computer Science and Engineering, UC Davis 

Mini-Pitch: Stunningly beautiful online memorial service for families.
Team Lead: Jon Shumate | B.A., Music '05, California State University, Chico

Seguros Medical Products

Mini-Pitch: Empowering medical staff with patient safety tools.
Team Lead: Antonio Braham | A.S., Nursing, Communications, American River College

Skinner Health Systems

Mini-Pitch: Quantification and gamification of hand hygiene.
Team Lead: Armaan Nanjee | B.S., Cognitive Science and Communications '20, UC Davis

Soma Loans Inc. 

Mini-Pitch: Peer-to-peer lending and investing platform.
Team Lead: Anthony Correia | MBA Student, UC Davis Graduate School of Management

Vida For Vitality

Mini-Pitch: Juice enterprise focused on brain health.
Team Lead: Carmen Herrera | B.S., Business and Accounting, University of Southern California


Mini-Pitch: Creating environmentally friendly, cost-competitive, innovative materials.
Team Lead: Shailaja Chadha | B.S., Agriculture, UC Davis

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