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Five Insights from the National Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy

Quick Summary

  • If there was one overarching theme from the speakers, it was how important it was for new entrepreneurs to have both passion and persistence.
  • If you are pitching a startup to a venture capital firm, you should ensure that you've put the best team possible together.
  • By focusing on every stage of the new product development process and lifecycle management from ideation to launch to customer retention, you’ll generate more revenue, learn more from your customers and create a durable business.

"Keep the voice of the customer in every stage to remain relevant and provide the most value to those who purchase your product or service”—Dr. Jennifer Ogeer

UC Davis recently wrapped up the National Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy. Faculty, graduate students and researchers from veterinary schools across the world learned from leaders in academia and the corporate world who have experience taking innovations to market. Read the article>

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